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The Lost Art of Common Sense

27 April 1983
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By the way, i had my name legally changed to Pepsuber,so if you guys could keep that in mind when addressing me.

"Think very hard about your future- And your Life, Carefully write it down on a large Piece of Paper And Flush it down the toilet." -Martin Atkins
"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face - forever!" -George Orwell
"Never offend people with style when you can offend them with substance." -Sam Brown
"All the accomplishments in the world add up to nothing if you don't have someone to share them with" -Kerouac
"Good things survive because they die young and keep their innocence." -Alec Empire


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connect the goddamn dots!

this sounded cooler when i was sixteen. i should start a real blog.
007, 16volt, a perfect circle, acumen nation, adult swim, alice in chains, assemblage 23, atari teenage riot, bass, bettie page, bile, biology, black metal, black sabbath, bt, burnt by the sun, cannibal corpse, centinex, cesium 137, cevin key, chemlab, chris connelly, cocteau twins, coil, collide, computers, conjure one, curve, d&d, dan brown, david bowie, dead babies, decree, deicide, delerium, die krupps, dream theater, drums, duct tape, dysrhythmia, dystopian literature, enigma, evil, family guy, fark, front 242, front line assembly, futurama, gargoyles, get fuzzy, ghost in the shell, grunge, hanzel und gretyl, harland, history, incubus, industrial, james bond, jedi, jesu, joy division, jthm, junkie xl, juno reactor, keira knightly, killing joke, kmfdm, kristy thirsk, kurt cobain, lamb, lamb of god, larp, led zeppelin, literature, local h, lore, mad season, massive attack, mastodon, meat beat manifesto, meshuggah, metal, method man, michelle branch, mindless self indulgence, ministry, misfits, monkeys, morbid angel, mutant x, mythology, neurosis, new order, nile, nine inch nails, nirvana, ohgr, old mans child, opeth, peach, pearl jam, piercings, pig, pig destroyer, pigface, pink floyd, pixies, pop will eat itself, probot, psychotica, punk, radio, rasputina, relapse records, revolting cocks, rock, rose chronicles, sarah mclachlan, science, seabound, single gun theory, sister machine gun, skinny puppy, skold, snake river conspiracy, stabbing westward, star wars, stone temple pilots, tank farm, techno, the dillinger escape plan, the simpsons, throbbing gristle, tool, trance, trigun, tweaker, voodou, web comics, wkdu, wwe


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